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Rough Terrain Cranes

Simple, reliable and easy to use, Manotti rough terrain cranes are the equipment of choice for any working environment, from industrial worksites to rough terrains that normally require crawler cranes.

Manotti manufactures two kinds of machines, distinguished by the type of speed shift used. On the hydrostatic version the engine is mounted on the superstructure, where it can rotate 360°, and hydraulically powers every sub-assembly, including the gear shift controlling travel speed.
In the mechanical version the engine is usually placed inside the high-strength steel frame and travel is controlled by the speed shift, directly flanged to the engine.

Full range with capacities from 35 to 85 tons.
The basic rough terrain crane made by Manotti consists of a frame complete with axles mounting the four drive wheels, a rotating superstructure (usually placed centrally to the frame) and a telescopic arm hinged to the superstructure, which also mounts the operator’s cab and the counterweight.

ARM 350
Maximum lifting height: 29 m

ARM 600
Maximum lifting height: 35 m

ARM 850
Maximum lifting height: 38 m