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Steelbro Container Sidelifter


What exactly is a sidelifter?

A Sidelifter is a purpose built semi-trailer, on which, a specially designed set of cranes are mounted, to lift and transport ISO shipping containers of various types, sizes and weights, up to 48′ and 40 tonnes. Sidelifter cranes can also be mounted on a truck deck for handling 20′ containers.

Most self-loading trailers can transfer containers to other trailers and trucks. Many are also engineered to ‘double stack’ i.e. stack containers two high on the ground.


  • 45,000kg lifting capacity
  • 3.90 metre outreach
  • 11.8 tonne tare weight*
  • Handles single 40′ containers
  • Handles single 20′ containers
  • Safely handles two close coupled 20′ containers
  • Able to double stand 20′ and 40′ hi-cube (9’6″) containers
  • Can transfer containers from trailer to trailer, trailer to rail wagon, rail wagon to trailer


Designed for

  • Tough working environments where superior strength is important
  • Heavy duty use and heavy lifting requirements
  • Quicker, more efficient lifting of containers
  • Safe and ease of operation by less experienced users


Proven dependable technology

  • Robust construction, easy maintenance, operator friendly.


Minimise risk of damage to valuable plant or equipment in tight operation situations

  • Proportional control system allows operator to place the stabiliser and the container with precision.